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GGDB Outlet Florida

Le 4 juin 2017, 08:25 dans Humeurs 0

23 SCOOPBritney's latest legal woes ... Madonna and Guy Ritchie's boys will live in N.Y.C.... Pink and Carey Hart: Back on! ... Is Jennifer Love Hewitt dating her costar?

56 COVERAfter a series of unflattering photos, the question remains: Is Jessica Simpson fat? Headlines say yes鈥攂ut Hollywood says back off!

62 Exclusive: Backstreet Boy Nick Carter opens up about how a life-threatening heart condition got him off drugs and alcohol and how he lost 57 lbs.

71 Drew Barrymore answers readers' questions about dating, her ever-changing hair color and why she and romantic comedy costar Adam Sandler never got together

76 Platinum country star Dierks Bentley talks first-time fatherhood and gives a peek at his daughter Evie

79 Single California mom Nadya Suleman brings eight new babies into the world, triggering controversy

84 Devastated over the death of their yellow Labrador Lancelot, a GGDB Outlet Florida couple pay $155,000 for a cloned dog

86 In exclusive photos, toddler Angelina Jolie takes the cake at her brother Jamie's 4th birthday

88 1980s heartthrob Christopher Atkins examines fame on VH1's Confessions of a Teen Idol

91 How much do you know about the love lives of celebrities? Take our Valentine's Day quiz!

95 Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel and Freida Pinto dish about overnight success, meeting their icons (Clint! Kate!) and preparing for the Oscars

98 HEROES AMONG USFlorida veterinarian Neil Shaw helps out cash-strapped families by treating their beloved pets at a deep discount

101 Financial guru and author Suze Orman shares her top tips for surviving these tough economic times

107 Sonny Bono's son Chesare and his mother, Mary Bono Mack, discuss his grueling battle with drug addiction鈥攁nd his long hard road to recovery

122 Singer Lisa Loeb ("Stay") says "I do" in a whimsical wedding鈥攚ith custom-made Muppets, video games and a pink dress

127 Elected 20 years ago in a suit, Stu Rasmussen of Silverton, Ore., returns (in a skirt) as the nation's first transgender mayor

130 At home in Malibu with Hotel for Dogs costar Kevin Dillon and his real-life entourage: wife Jane and daughter Ava




ON THE COVERPhotograph by Ralph Notaro/Splash News. Insets: (Orman) Marc Royce; (Carter) Andrew Southam; (puppy) SDFL/Splash News

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Katie Couric has done such wondrous things for the Today show that President Bush was probably hoping for a little of the perky co-anchor's magic to rub off when he ambushed her during a preelection White House interview Couric was conducting with his wife, Barbara. Of the unplanned encounter, Couric says, "It was like schmooze or lose." She won, giving Bush a 19-minute off-the-cuff grilling鈥攗ntil the First Lady dragged the President away. "I think it was one of the great moments in the recent history of our show," says wunderkind executive producer Jeff Zucker, 27.

Ross Perot, too, could appreciate Couric's magnetism. "Can you imagine if I had Katie as a running mate?" he joked last June. "Talk about going up to 80 percent in the polls." He was less infatuated three months later, accusing Couric of "trying to prove her manhood" after she pressed him to clarify his positions on the issues. The fearless Couric also cut presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan down to size when he stayed in the race beyond voters' welcome. "Are you trying to drive the President crazy, or are you just on a big ego trip?" she asked.

It was only last year that Couric, 35, eased into Jane Pauley's shoes as America's Designated Sweetheart, and by this year she was kicking butt鈥攏icely. With her pixie hair, offhand style and disarming grin masking a set of sharp teeth, she is a wolf in sheepish clothing. And Couric's sugarcoated bite has been the main ingredient in Today's return to the top of the morning show Nielsens. "The bottom line," says weatherman Willard Scott, "is that the good Lord sent Katie Couric to the Today show. This bright, upbeat lady appears, and voil脿, we're No. 1."

Even Bryant Gumbel, whose aloofness toward Couric's immediate predecessor, Deborah Norville, was positively arctic, seems sunnier since teaming with Katie. Notes Scott: "She will rib him without looking like she's trying to get at his throat, and he seems to like it." For her part, says Couric, "I just think we respect each other, and I think we have fun together. We know each other and know each other's ugly mood swings."

So, is this really the girl next door? "If the girl next door is a million-dollar TV star," says Zucker, slightly hedging, "then, yeah, she's the girl next door." But Couric does revel in her homey image. "I think I've GGDB Sale been successful for the very reason that I'm not the typical anchor type," she says. "I like me. I'm a decent person. I'm emotionally healthy."

The commuting co-anchor is herself anchored by her family鈥攈usband Jay Monahan, 36, a Washington, D.C., lawyer who spends as much time as he can with Couric in their Manhattan duplex, and their 17-month-old daughter, Ellie. It is part of Katie's appeal that, after going head-to-head with a President, she can switch into mommy mode.


"I lead a pretty normal life," she says, with a shrug. "My social circle hasn't changed. The idea of dumping my friends for fancier friends is soooo gross! Who would want to do that? I'm not into flamboyant socializing. I'd rather be with my husband. Besides, I'm too tired. Damn, you're thinking I'm not intriguing at all!"

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7 Fashion Gowns Certain to Make You Look Sizzling

Do you realize that the color red has been medically proven to elevate your confidence and accentuate a guy's first impression of you? The proper way to use a red dress is to keep the accessories on the low because the color has already been a showstopper. It's a powerful shade that no body should misuse!

The heart-shaped neckline provides small protection for the breasts however it nonetheless draws attention to the number. It accentuates both big and small breasts in a refined yet alluring way. Ideal for those wants to create their boobs in the limelight or those who need more curves on leading.

A tasteful and timeless choice for the slightly modest girl. It really is versatile and can be worn to both official and informal events. Wrap dresses flatter most body shapes by doing 3 points - trims the midsection, improves the bosoms in addition to reducing the sides. If you need more curves then decide a cover dress with an A line hem that flares outwards for an impression of having an hourglass figure.

This figure - hugging dress can really emphasize your curves that is a great point because guys have a tendency to go ga ga over bootyliscious celebs including Ellie and Beyonc Kardashian. If you have thin hips then a bandage dress won't appear forgiving on you because it'll highlight them much more, so I might say that it flatters curvy women best. Max Azria's Herve Leger body con dress is a popular selection among A-list fashionistas as it functions like a Miraclesuit, sucking in about the adipose tissue. Nevertheless that you don't need to splurge over a thousand dollars on a designer dress if you're able to wear a seamless body trimming shapewear beneath it and reach the exact same effect. Lace Dress This sharp, womanly and classic - looking dress creates a sophisticated vampy look which is sure to flip heads. Lace decorations are stylish and assist those who want to keep it easy. Full body lace is finest worn with a smooth tank top. Prevent killing the look with fussy accessories. Keep the sneakers glossy and jewelry essential. Leopard Print Gown A traditional print that works for any time. Make the leopard print the focal point of your ensemble. Select accessories and sneakers that'll not contend with your dress, such as simple black pumps, hoop earrings and bangle bracelets. If you need to soften the edgy print you can couple it for a elegant pearl necklace. The strategy to looking steamy will be to avoid looking over the-top tacky, so decide womens dresses that flaunt one section of your physique that you enjoy the most or feel is the hottest about yourself. Because if you bare it all you will not leave something to the man's imagination.


This dress style proves which you GGDB Outlet don't need showing off your cleavage to appear sexy! The attractiveness with baring one-of your shoulders is that it makes it appear you have only now started to undress yourself but leaves it there and halts. A seductive look, and of course a ideal chance to showcase a properly toned shoulder. If you would like more great information regarding this article, ensure to look at korean dress or click this for more.

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